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In 2000 a good friend of mine introduced me to Brother Meyer's newsletter. She gave me a few copies and I eagerly devoured them. I was amazed at the knowledge Pastor Meyer had and how well he could put it all into God given words. I was relieved too because someone had the truth and wasn't afraid to use it. I don't think I ever missed a letter since then. I have many tapes and cds and dvds as well. I was so very heart broken when God took Brother Meyer home, but well understood it was God's timing and perfect will for him. I do not understand the great suffering though. I do know Jesus suffered much greater than this.

I have learned in the last few years some very interesting things about mold, fungus, myotoxins, and the inflammation caused by them. The role they play is probably the cause of most if not all illness. Dr. Doug Kaufman is The excellent source of information on this subject. His website is www.knowthecause.com I for one need to practice what he teaches about a serious change in diet and the supplements he wisely recommends are from sound and reliable sources. Without diet change though no supplement will help much. He recommends a Phase I and II diet plan to start. He is worth checking out and taking very seriously.

May God be with all of you and please know Samuel David Meyer you are doing a fine job on the newsletters and all who are bringing messages are a blessing. You especially Sister Shirley. I thank God for Pastor Meyer and each and every one of you. May God Save, Protect, Deliver, Glorify, Sanctify and make all of us like Him today. Even So, Come Lord Jesus, Amen.

Love in our Savior Jesus Christ, Debra Williams, Cut Bank, Montana

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