Pastor David's Boldness 

My memories over the last 12 years of printing off and passing out Pastor David's Newsletter, and also leaflets on Christmas, etc, has been first a privilege, and secondly a great positive message to all my readers what Pastor David spent so many years working towards.

Pastor David has certainly left a massive void, what a great insight he had to the workings and pitfalls of the occult / witchcraft, which has been for many good solid information, I’m sure the tracts that Pastor David wrote will be downloaded and passed around by many, I know I have all of them and when needed I just print them and distribute them, things have certainly been made easy for us all, by Pastor David and his wish to see God put first, and all that is evil and bad to be there for everyone to see.

My one regret is that I never got to go across to Beaver Dam and meet and share a service with Pastor David: I'm sure it would have been a great learning curve for me, but it is a massive bonus that past Newsletters by Pastor David are there on the archives of the Last Trumpet Ministries Website for all of us to look at, what a joy.

In closing it has been my pleasure over these past 12 years to print and distribute Pastor David's Newsletter, and now it is a privilege to still print off the Newsletter by Samuel David Meyer what a wonderful work to carry on, I wish and I pray as I hope all who read this e-mail, for Strength and wisdom for Samuel to carry on this remarkable work.

May God bless all the Meyer Family.

God bless
Pastor Ray Kirkup
UK England.

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