Memories From South Africa

Dear family of the late Pastor David Meyer,

I'm privileged to have received the Last Trumpet Ministries newsletter over the last two years plus, compiled by Pastor Meyer, here in South Africa. An acquaintance gave me a copy some years ago and I have subscribed to it immediately after I scrutinized the contents and realizing that here is a godly man inspired by the Holy Spirit to bring the Truth not only to Americans, but worldwide.

Pastor Meyer's remarkable insight in world events, and what Scripture has to say about it as prophesies are fulfilled daily, filled me with awe and wonder, realizing that we are indeed living in the final days. At the same time the Spirit very firmly convinced me that deception in the world and even in churches is rife, and that only Holy discernment would keep me from following false teachers and doctrines.

The newsletter became my personal monthly "desert" as I couldn't wait to read every new issue. Then the tragic news of Pastor Meyer's departure. It was as if I have lost a beloved family member. I don't know of any other South African receiving the newsletter so I had to work through my own bereavement. Questions like: Would the newsletter continue and how, what would the content be like if it should proceed and under whose guide-dance", came to my mind. Having read the family members' tributes I realized that should God want the newsletter to continue, He would provide, as He took Pastor Meyer home.

I have just read the second issue under editorship of Samuel David Meyer and I have full assurance and confidence that he will measure up to this enormous task with the Holy Spirits guidance, to not only fill the vacancy that his father has left, but to add a new Spiritual dimension to every issue. Be assured of my prayers to this effect and that God will use the newsletter mightily to proclaim His Kingdom.

The author of this letter has been convicted of murder eight years ago and awaiting the second appeal against his conviction. He has never been jailed, should his appeal fail, as everything is possible in this godless country, it will certainly mean his death as jails here are death holes to any white man. Pray for him that God's justice will prevail.

Grace and peace be unto you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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