Pastor Meyer's Enduring Faithfulness and Love

In the latter part of 2009 a friend had encouraged me to read the Last Trumpet Newsletter on the internet. I had heard that Pastor Meyer had had a vision of the September 2001 tragedy two or three months before it took place. I read the issue and knew this was a man filled with wisdom and anointing from the Lord. I continued reading many more back issues and learned much.

It was in 2010 that I first listened to a sermon on line and from that discovery I spent whole days at a time listening from morning into the evening on line. I was appreciative of Pastor David’s knowledge, wisdom and faithfulness to those who would be fortunate enough to discover this hard-working and intelligent, godly man. His ministry was to show how Bible prophecy sheds the light of the truth on events that happened since the beginning of the world and that are happening in our everyday world. The hours of work he gave in faithfulness to the Lord to educate us about the evil pagan and occult stronghold on the world and the religions, including denominational Christian churches, is remarkable. This and Pastor Meyer’s background, enabling him to do so, are a gift to all of us.

As the time of his life was becoming shorter I admired how he would want to preach even though he told later that he had had a terrible headache but needed to get out God’s Word and keep going. It was the Lord who gave him the strength to do it so excellently and for the benefit of God’s kingdom. One morning I got up, turned on the Last Trumpet website, saw the giant picture of this dear man and cried with tears of regret that such a fine, pure man of God was no longer on the earth. Surely the Lord is gracious and merciful to us and we have all we need to come to the last day triumphantly as did Pastor Meyer. His example to study the Word and pray is one for which to strive. He encouraged all continuously to obey the Word . We know how important it is to not only hear the Word, but to do it.

I discovered that I could see Pastor Meyer preach his sermon on video on the internet. It was wonderful to be able to do so. Now I send for CD’s and DVD’s at your Beaver Dam address. I can listen over and over and I always love learning something I missed the first time I listened.

When the memorial issue of Last Trumpet came out I cried again as I read each of his family members' memories of this wise man who loved them dearly and lived by the leading of God's Spirit having the lovely fruit of His Spirit. I loved listening to stories about his parrot, Professor. I always appreciated Pastor Meyer's common sense, the way he hit his Bible because he believed so passionately, the way he preached, the knowledge he had, the love he had for God and for all, his Godly standards and all the studying he went through involving endless hours and years of work.

Sunday I turned on the main website and saw that a sermon from the past was placed there. My! I was happy and am saving that one to hear as a special treat! Thank God I can still listen to all his recorded sermons.

This new website drew my tears again as I read through what was written. The family of Pastor David J. Meyer is so blessed to have had such a relationship. The Lord is with you and I'm thankful for each one of you and the work you continue to do. I pray for you all.

Love in Christ,


Phoenix, AZ

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