A Godly Man

I started listening to Pastor Meyers tapes and reading the newsletter about 20 years ago. The anticipation of receiving each packet of information was always great and a blessing to me.

During those years of following LTM I had the pleasure of meeting Pastor and his wife Shirley in Washington DC, he baptized me in Jesus name while there. We toured many sites in the city that were relevant to ministry purposes. It was a great time for me, the fellowship and being with fellow Christians who were very sincere.

In particular I remember one evening at my home I was very stressed out from my job which was law enforcement at the time. I was at my kitchen counter and just prayed out "Lord I need to speak with Pastor Meyer", no sooner than I had said that the phone rang and Pastor Meyer was on the line. It was a great comfort to me to hear from him and an assurance of who he really was. A chosen servant of God.

In closing I have to say I miss him but then again I know that he finished the work given him and is in God's resting place. May the Lord bless his family and may the ministry continue to be a blessing to many. I also pray that God thru Jesus Christ will bring forth a Pastor, a man of God to serve his flock there.

I will bless the Lord at all times and may his praise be continually be in my mouth..

Samuel are you being called?

John in Virginia

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